Man charged with felony burglary after confessing to stealing high value jewelry

SARASOTA, Fla. – May 16, 2014 – 8 a.m.

Wyatt Pierce, 53, has been charged with felony residential burglary after he confessed to Sarasota Police detectives he burglarized a home on Hibiscus Street in Sarasota and stole a large amount of jewelry.

Pierce has a substantial criminal history including 25 felony arrests, 16 felony convictions, 11 misdemeanor arrests, seven misdemeanor convictions and was released from prison in September 2012 for dealing in stolen property and fraud.

On May 8, 2014, a victim reported her home on Hibiscus Street in Sarasota had been burglarized.  Officers located an open rear sliding glass door to the residence while canvassing the area on an unrelated matter.  The victim arrived home while officers were on scene and discovered her jewelry box was missing from the master bedroom.  The victim told officers the jewelry box contained numerous pieces of jewelry with a high value.

The victim had the suspect, Wyatt Pierce, over to her home the week before to do yard work.  On May 10th, detectives responded to a condominium on Wood Street where contact was made with acquaintances of Pierce.  One of the acquaintances told detectives Pierce called asking if he wanted to buy some jewelry.  The acquaintance purchased two watches from Pierce and later turned them over to detectives.

On May 10th, Pierce was arrested on an unrelated warrant and transported to the Sarasota Police Department where he was interviewed by detectives and charged with felony residential burglary.

 Wyatt Pierce, 53, charged with felony residential burglary

Wyatt Pierce, 53, charged with felony residential burglary