Sarasota P.D. accepts Cold Water Challenge & challenges other law enforcement

SARASOTA, Fla. -- August 20, 2014 -- 8 a.m.

Chief Bernadette DiPino and members of the Sarasota Police Department along with other local law enforcement agencies will take the ‘Cold Water Challenge’ after Sarasota Police Officer David Kennedy was challenged by Officer John Dunlop of the Los Angeles Police Department in California.  The challenge will raise money for the Officer Down Memorial Page (

The Cold Water Challenge will be on Friday, August 22nd at 9 a.m. outside of the Sarasota Police Department near the entrance to Payne Park at 2099 Adams Lane, Sarasota.  Media and community members are welcome to attend. 

The Cold Water Challenge is a viral campaign that is raising awareness for non-profit organizations or causes.  People accept the challenge and then video themselves doing it and challenge others.  The goal is to work to raise awareness and money for charity.

In 2014 so far, 67 members of law enforcement have been killed in the line of duty across the United States.  Chief DiPino, Officer Kennedy along with more than 40 volunteers will each donate $10 to the Officer Down Memorial Page.  Each volunteer will also read the name of a department and officer killed in the line of duty followed by having cold water poured over their head.

“This is a way to bring the spotlight onto the men and women that put their lives on the line and never made it home at the end of their shift,” said Chief Bernadette DiPino.  “I want to thank our officers for their dedication and their selfless service protecting the City of Sarasota every day,” said Chief DiPino.