Back to School Safety Reminders


SARASOTA, Fla. – August 21, 2015 – 8:45 a.m.

On Monday, August 24, 2015, classes will resume in the City of Sarasota. As students head back to school, the Sarasota Police Department wants to reminder drivers there is a zero tolerance policy beginning Monday for speeding in school zones and passing school buses that have stop signs extended for students boarding or leaving the bus.

On Monday, Sarasota Police Officers will be at all City of Sarasota schools, welcoming students back to class. The Sarasota Police Department will also host a special #BackToSchool ‘Tweet from the Beat,’ under the Twitter handle @SarasotaPD. On Twitter, followers can find photos and videos of Officers visiting schools around the city.

The Sarasota Police Department has also created a Back to School Public Service Announcement sharing important safety tips for parents and students. The PSA can be viewed at

A few safety tips to remember as classes resume in the City of Sarasota:

• Students back in class means increased traffic on the roads. Please allow extra time to reach your destination and watch for other cars, pedestrians, bicyclists and school buses.

• Buckle up! Make sure all occupants of the car, especially children, are always buckled up. In Florida, all passengers under 18 years old must wear a seatbelt or be restrained in a child car seat.

• Pay attention to crossing guards and always drive slowly in school zones and near schools – Many students walk to and from class and to and from home.

• Cars must stop for all school buses when a stop sign is out and the lights are flashing, even if the bus is on the opposite side of the street unless there is a raised median more than four feet wide that divides the street.

Fines for speeding in school zones and passing school buses can range anywhere from $156 to $456. Officers are encouraging drivers to slow down and allow plenty of time getting to and from their destination.