Sarasota Police Selected for Two International Association of Chiefs of Police Awards

SARASOTA, FL. – August 17, 2017   – 10 a.m.

Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino received notice this week that the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has chosen the Sarasota P.D. for two international awards.  Sarasota P.D. has been chosen as a winner for the 2017 IACP Leadership in Human and Civil Rights Award as well as the 2017 IACP/Body Worn Leadership in Law Enforcement Volunteer Program Award.  Chief DiPino will be traveling to 2017 IACP in Philadelphia in October to accept the awards.

IACP’s Leadership in Human and Civil Rights award recognizes that protection of civil and constitutional rights is among the foremost responsibilities of police in democratic societies.  As a result, the Human and Civil Rights Committee seeks to recognize programs and law enforcement efforts that exemplify the protection and promotion of civil and human rights.  The mission of the Sarasota Police Department Homeless Outreach Team Program fully integrates the best practice of community policing, the enforcement of the rule of law and the decriminalization efforts of diversion and deployment of social services needed to protect and serve the at-risk, vulnerable population of the homeless.

The IACP/BodyWorn Leadership in Law Enforcement Volunteer Programs Award recognizes volunteer programs that demonstrate innovative, effective practices for augmenting sworn or civilian staff and/or improving service delivery to their communities.  The Sarasota Police Department Volunteer Ambassador Program provides a resource of qualified volunteers to assist the Sarasota Police Department in maintaining and improving the quality of service provided to the City of Sarasota.  In 2016, volunteers contributed 18,101 hours saving nearly $400,000 of in-kind services.

“This is a highly prestigious honor on an international level for our agency,” said Chief DiPino.   “Both awards illustrate the achievements and hard work of our Homeless Outreach Team, our Patrol Officers our Volunteer Program.  This shows their continuous professional and dedicated commitment, service and partnership with our community,” said Chief DiPino.