SRQ Cartel II Narcotics Dealer Arrested Sunday Night

SARASOTA, FL. – January 8, 2017   – 10:30 a.m.

In an attempt to combat multiple reports of open air narcotics transactions in the area of 23rd Street and Leon Avenue, Sarasota Police Patrol Officers formulated a plan to make contact with individuals who frequently loiter in the area.

On Sunday at approximately 11:15 p.m., Sarasota Police Officers made contact with Irvin Brown, 30, of Sarasota, at the corner of 23rd Street and Leon Avenue.  Officers attempted to place Brown into custody for violation of City Code 5-21, open container.

Brown began to resist Officers and was placed into custody.  In a search incident to arrest, Officers located 37 pieces of crack cocaine in Brown’s left pocket (photo attached).  Officers also observed the crack cocaine was so fresh it was still wet from the cooking process.  There is a community church and a community park both located within 1000 feet of where Brown was arrested.  The crack cocaine tested positive for the presence of cocaine and was placed into property.

Brown was arrested and charged with:

·         Cocaine possession with intent to sell 1000’ feet within a church (felony)

·         Resisting a Law Enforcement Officer without violence (misdemeanor)

·         Possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor)

·         Open container (misdemeanor)

Brown was arrested during the SRQ Cartel II roundup in 2014.  He was released from prison in June 2017 for Trafficking in Cocaine 400g-150kg, Trafficking in Cocaine 28g-200g and Cocaine Sale.