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Police Station

2099 Adams Lane, Sarasota FL 34237

Lobby Hours: 6AM - 7PM


NOTE: Check the Government Listings in your phone book for a full departmental listing

Office of Chief of Police

Office of Deputy Chief of Police

 Chief Bernadette DiPino  Deputy Chief Pat Robinson
 941-954-7002  941-954-7008
 Fax: 941-954-7034  Fax: 941-954-7034

Criminal Investigation Division

Patrol Division

Support Services Division

 Captain Johnathan Todd  Captain Demetri Konstantopoulos  Captain Lori Jaress
 941-954-7073  941-954-7010  941-364-7367
 Lt. Scott Mayforth Lt. Robert Armstrong  Lt.Jeff Steiner
 941-954-7093  941-364-7317  941-363-5810
     Finance Manager
     Shana Meadows

Professional Standards Division (Internal Affairs)

Partnership Policing Communications Coordinator (Media Relations / PIO)

Narcotics Investigations

Captain James Rieser Genevieve Judge   941-364-7312
941-954-7007 Office - 941-954-7094  941-954-7009 (Receptionist) 
Lt. Rex Troche Fax: 941-954-7034   
941-364-7053    Tipline
 Fax: 941-364-7385   941-954-7050 

Street Crimes Unit (SCU)

Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch

Marine Patrol

 Sgt. Jeff Ball  Officer Danny Robbins  Officer Ron Dixon
 941-954-7083  941-954-7056 941-356-9200 
   Officer Bryant Singley  Officer Michael Skinner
   941-364-7345  941-702-3791

Property and Evidence Unit

Project Lifesaver

Records Unit

 Thomas Wagonsellar  Officer Danny Robbins  Supervisor Rhonda Graham
 941-954-7040  941-954-7056  941-954-7045
     Fax: 941-954-7047

Special Events Coordinator

Alarm Enforcement

Homeless Outreach Team

 Laura Stauffer (855) 809-2060 Sgt. Jaymi Delcos
 941-954-7016    941-364-7323
 Fax: 941-364-7321    

Training Unit

Victim Assistance

Volunteer Program

 Sergeant Daniel Weinsberg  Jude Castro  Michelle Rinaca
 Officer Robert Morrison  941-954-7021  941-366-2845
 Officer Matt Hughes    
Tina Shumway    


 Internal Affairs
 Sgt. Dwayne Shellhammer