Support Services Division

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The Support Services Division of the Sarasota Police Department is responsible for most non-operational activities that allow the Sarasota Police Department to provide law enforcement services to the community. The Support Services Division is responsible for ensuring that our officers have the necessary equipment and support to provide high quality law enforcement services to our citizens.

The Support Services Division oversees all Off Duty Operations and Special Events.

It is also our responsibility to process, file, and retain the official police reports received by this Agency and to make them available to the public in accordance with the applicable state laws.

The Support Services Division also coordinates outside requests for the services of off-duty officers and provides administrative support for all city-approved special events.

The Support Services Division consists of the following subdivisions: Records, Management Information Services - Computer Operations, Communications/Computer Analyst, Services Unit - Building Maintenance, Backgrounds, and Property Unit.


The MIS Department is comprised of both Computer Information Systems and Telecommunications Technology. MIS is also responsible for Terminal Agency agreements with FCIC/NCIC and FDLE.

Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

This area incorporates and is responsible for all the latest hardware and software technology as they relate to Police Department activities listed below.

Public Records
Criminal Investigations
Traffic and Patrol
Property and Evidence
Paging Systems
Telephone/Cell Systems
Voice Mail Systems
Wireless/Paperless Real Time Incident Record Input
FCIC/NCIC Inquiries
FDLE Criminal Justice Information System Inquiries
Crime Statistics


The Sarasota Police Department allows, under certain conditions, its officers to work off-duty assignments. These off-duty assignments must meet the criteria and guidelines set by the Sarasota Police Department and City rules, in addition to Florida State Statutes 493, 112, 561. For more information regarding off-duty assignments, contact the off-duty assignment coordinator at (941) 263-6016.


The Property & Evidence Unit is responsible for overseeing all items that come into the possession of the Sarasota Police Department. The evidence section and its personnel are accountable for:

  • The receipt, cataloging, and storage of all items collected by members of the Department
  • Controlling the temporary release of items going for processing/testing, to court or for investigative purposes
  • Meeting with attorneys for the purpose of viewing evidence prior to trial and making copies of video or audio tapes as requested
  • Release of property to the rightful owner, or as authorized by the State Attorneys Office or court order, or disposal of items per Florida State Statute
  • Case research and destruction of property, to include narcotics and weapons, which have cleared the Judicial process
  • Overseeing the collection of seizure fees and release of vehicles under City Code 33-271, as well as collection of fees and release of articles under City Code 21-128.


Information that can be obtained from the Records Unit includes:

OFFICIAL RECORDS DOCUMENTS - Reports are available by 3rd working day after the date of the reported accident/incident.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS (LOCAL SARASOTA CITY ONLY) are $5.00, or you may receive them directly from the Clerk of the Circuit Court Internet Site


Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Phone: 941-263-6043.

Fees for Copies of Reports: Basic report requested by mail (must have self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed) - $.80 In-person one-sided copy - $.15 Two-sided copy - $.20 Certified copy - $1.00

Requests for Research First 15 minutes - no charge Time after first 15 minutes - $20.00/hr. Portion of an hour - $5.00/qtr. hr.

**Additional charges may be added for review time of the documents by the Supervisory and Public Information Officer according to F.S.S. Chapter 119 of the Public Records Law. Estimates on extensive requests will be given BEFORE any work is begun. Requestors must pay the fee before receiving any documents.